The French are famous for several things, especially when it comes to food and wine. It’s safe to say dessert is one of them. They mastered the art of combining basic materials to create unique, delectable experiences that will leave you wanting more. Butter, eggs, and flour are the essential components in many French cuisines, whether sweet or savory. You should see read different reviews about French desserts.

  1. Crêpes

When you travel to France for tourism or work, you can’t go there without eating crêpes, especially in Paris. They are omnipresent in Paris, and they are always delicious. French crêpes don’t require a fancy restaurant, as this recipe is easy to make and developed over the years.

They are a thin pancake-like crepe that you can fill with nearly anything. Nutella crêpes are the most popular filling in Paris, and you’ll find them in many places.

  1. There is no better finger food than macarons

There is a curious connection between this well-known French delicacy’s name, Maccarone, and the Italian phrase for “fine dough.” They are said to have been imported to France from Italy by Catherine de Medici. It is believed that the very first macarons were made using many of the same components as today, but they were far less fancy than they are nowadays. French macarons, as we know them now, are credited to them.

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  1. Mousse au Chocolat

There’s a theory that chocolate was brought to France originally as a drink. It wasn’t long before the French began experimenting with how and where they can use chocolate. When you consider that French food relies heavily on butter and eggs, it’s little wonder that chocolate mousse was born.

Around the world, this delicacy has been adapted, and now you can buy mousse in a variety of flavors. Tradition dictates, however, that you use the finest dark chocolate you can find. Although you can see this dessert worldwide, there aren’t many that can compete with the French!

  1. Apple Tarte Tatin

The Martin sisters, who owned the Hotel Tartini in Lamotte-Beuvron, have made this French hero renowned. Despite its name, the Tart is created uniquely. The fruit is prepared in a copper dish and coated with the dough in the traditional method. When cooked in this manner, the apples are allowed to caramelize in a mixture of butter and sugar. As soon as you bake the Tarte, you turn it over to reveal golden apples on a crunchy pastry base.

In most of the pubs that line the streets of Paris, you’ll be able to find a nice Tarte Tartin. You can find this fantastic treat at several establishments, including Blé Sucré, Bo&Mie, and Stohrer (Paris’ first and oldest pâtisserie).

  1. Madeleines: a typical French confection

As far back as the 1700s, the Lorraine area of France has been producing these delectable tiny blobs of bliss. You can use butter, flour, sugar, and eggs to make these classic French pastries. Their distinctive shell-like shape distinguishes madeleines.

  1. Baba au Rhum

Stohrer, a Polish princess’s chef, brings this dish to France in the 1600s and transforms it into what it is today. Of course, he’s the same Stohrer who started Paris’ first bakery almost 200 years ago. A must-see whenever you’re in the 2nd or 3rd arrondissements.

Baba au Rhum has several varieties across Europe, each with a different name. Despite this, the addition of rum as an essential element hasn’t changed. The addition of dried fruits and rum differentiates this pudding.