It is possible to assume that the Swedes are lazy, but winter seasons can be hard in Sweden. It’s frigid cold and there are only about five hours of daylight. That’s why most Swedes use vacation days to get away from the harsh weather.

They tend to escape the cold in droves during winter and take vacations to sunny destinations like Thailand, Mexico, or the Canary Islands to enjoy some tropical weather. After all, who wouldn’t want to go on vacation during the cold winter months?

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1. The Temperatures in Sweden are Usually Too Low for Comfort

The average temperature in Stockholm in January is -5°C. That’s not cold enough to freeze the skin, but it can definitely feel that way when the wind chill is taken into account. All that door-slamming and shoe-slapping can take its toll on the body, making Swedes want to escape somewhere warmer for a few weeks. This means that many Swedes bundle up when they go outside and start to long for warmth when the temperatures dip too low.

2. Higher Productivity in the Workforce

Sunny vacations seem to brighten people’s day, which results in higher productivity once they return to work. That’s why it’s not uncommon for most companies in Sweden to offer at least five weeks of paid vacation time per year, and many Swedish workers take almost every last bit of it. And it isn’t unusual for some Swedes to take more than six weeks off during the winter holidays alone, which is about half of the cold season!

Even though this may result in a dip in productivity during the fall, overall, it’s good for companies.  After all, they want their workers to be healthy enough to come back after their winter vacations are over, which means that it’s worth it for companies to offer longer vacations.

3. More Sunny Vacation = Better Health

There’s nothing like the feeling of coming back from a vacation and still basking in the afterglow. It’s usually easier to think clearer, move around more swiftly, and you might even be surprised by how much happier you are when you return home from a nice sunny vacation. This happens because it is believed that humans (not just Swedes) need a certain amount of sunlight to stay healthy and happy. So,  when Swedes have more time to travel in the winter, they usually choose destinations with warm weather so that they can get their daily dose of Vitamin D.

4. The Romanticism of a Sunny Vacation

Most people like to think of their vacation as a time for adventure and reflection. This is why the most popular winter vacations among Swedes tend to be tropical islands, beach resorts, and sunny European cities. Think about it: what could possibly be more romantic than spending some alone time with someone special on a beautiful beach? This doesn’t mean that Swedes only travel to warm destinations during the winter, but it does mean that some of them will spend their first chance at relaxing somewhere warm with a loved one.


It’s not surprising that Swedes don’t only travel to sunny places during the winter because it’s warm, but there are other benefits to doing so. Warm weather enhances moods, helps with productivity, and is an ideal setting for romantics. The cold weather can be depressing at times, making many Swedes want to escape somewhere warmer whenever they get the chance.