Oftentimes, the words Hotel and Resorts are used interchangeably by people to mean the same thing. In our discussion, we are going to spell out the differences between these two and help you identify and differentiate between a hotel and a resort.

Since most people desire just majorly accommodation and meals from their trips, they prefer to use the services of a hotel since the price for a resort could be higher. You are likely to be charged for use of some of the facilities that you might not use. Hence, if you want to use a hotel, you can always read US Hotel companies online reviews to know the best hotel for you. You can also read about the right resort to use on US-Reviews as well. You will get the benefit from the experience of other users that they have written out in the form of reviews.


A hotel is just an establishment that provides accommodation, meals, and some other services for travelers and tourists. A hotel is strictly a lodging place.


A resort goes beyond providing accommodation and meals for travelers and tourists, it provides more activities such as entertainment, shopping stalls, and recreational activities. You do not need to leave the property to find everything you are looking for. The rooms are larger giving you privacy in a spacious room

Offers are provided by a resort depending on the type of resort.

  • Hiking
  • spas
  • Swimming pool
  • Yoga
  • Boat and yacht ride
  • Gym
  • Surfing
  • Horse riding
  • Scuba diving
  • Fitness center
  • Indoor children’s play area
  • Restaurant and many other offers
  • A resort can be classified based on its location. Examples include

·        Luxury resort

A Luxury resort is of high quality and expensive. It gives great comfort with expensive and beautiful designs, food, furniture, and surroundings. The luxury resort gives the pinnacle in luxury. You get the ultimate amenities and facilities that money can buy.

·        Beach resort

This is a resort located at the seaside, it also provides more recreational activities. The primary focus is having the beach in the resort area and making the beach part of the resort.

·        River resort

This is a resort close to the river. Most river resorts channel the water from the river through the resort this allows the resort to provide water sports like boating, snorkeling, swimming, and other options.

·        Ecotourism and Ecological resorts

The Ecotourism and Ecological resorts fosters the practice of green living to contribute towards the conservation of wildlife and nature. This is a resort that encourages the use of recycled products they also use such products in the hotel, they take steps in the reduction of carbon emission. They ensure that the natural area is conserved and encourage travelers to help protect the environment.

·        Spa resort

This is a resort that specializes in offering spa services to pamper their guests while on a vacation in the resort. They indulge in beauty treatments such as manicures and pedicures. They also give exotic massages by the professional esthetician.

·        Golf resort

The Golf resort is a resort that caters specifically to the sport of golf. This resort gives you the facilities needed for a resort and also access to a golf course. It provides greens, cart fees, range balls, accommodations, and meals while remaining on the premises.

In conclusion, a hotel can upgrade the facilities offered to also be called a resort, but a resort cannot be called a hotel because it gives way more facilities than what a hotel would offer. A resort differs from a hotel in that they offer almost everything that a traveler or tourist needs while on a vacation or a trip.