Vacation! We all need one… A trip with the family or friends is a must! There are lots of interesting places that you could visit at an affordable price. Travelling agencies offer reasonable prices, So pack your bags and extend your long weekend. Here are some places that would make you want to relax.

New Zealand has the most beautiful mountains, rainforests, and glaciers. If you are a fan of the movie ‘The Lord Of The Rings’, then you’ll definitely love this place. Explore the beauty of  nature by going hiking, and if you are a risk taker, then try jet boating or bungee jumping.

Board on the coastal steamers at Norway. Norway is one of the most beautiful countries on earth. It is well known for its natural attractions such as Fjords, mountains and midnight sun. The cultural life is attractive as well. Do you know that it is one of the richest countries? If you want to have a calming break and enjoy your moments with your family, Norway is your way!

Next destination is Switzerland! If you want some quality time alone, then plan a vacation there. Residents there like to live personal and free. Before you head there, make sure you pack your hiking boots. Begin your trip with a visit to Lake of Geneva for some exciting nightlife and not to forget the museums if you are more into ancient history.

Bring your family to Vietnam.  It is a safe and welcoming place to visit. Don’t miss out the coolest places which are Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and Ben Thanh. At the Hoan Kiem lake, you can even practice some Tai Chi – many people go there for this purpose. Also, the mountains of the Central Highlands for treks as it is a gorgeous place. Bring along your family and explore new cultures and not to mention how good the street food is!

Other destinations that are convenient for you and your family is Indonesia. It is basically the dream destination as you’d be in a different world. With the massages, lodges, food, beaches and temples. And you know what’s even more relaxing? Playing the best casino games online as Aspers! There are games which are related to holidays and will make you discover other cultures. As in Indonesia, people are more spiritual and openhearted.  Try Bali, it is filled with a rich heritage, wildlife and diversity. It’s truly  worth visiting!

Finally, a place that you would want to put in your wish list is The Philippines. This beautiful and exotic country is well known for having a rich biodiversity. It is one of the top tourist attractions. Its beautiful beaches, lovely heritage towns, monuments, high mountains, rainforests, diving spots and the small islands found around the country.

Enjoy your vacation and chill with your friends or family. Or if you’d prefer some alone time. These beautiful  locations might bring happy and positive vibes. Not able to make it this year? Then start planning for next year!