Tourists inspired by movies, social media when planning trips: Report

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The most popular travel destinations these days have become must-see places in large part because of television, film and social media coverage, according to a new study.

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Whether it’s the cinema, Netflix, or Instagram, people are being inspired, says American Express’ annual Global Travel Trends report.

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The 2023 report defines “set-jetting” as traveling somewhere because the destination was seen on the big, small, or phone screen.

Two particularly popular destinations were Italy and France, with Sicily being a top choice, in large part because the HBO hit The White Lotus was set there. The draw of Paris came from productions like John Wick: Chapter 4 and Emily in Parisaccording to the report.

Younger respondents, in particular, said they were heavily influenced by entertainment and social media when choosing where to go to.

Nearly two-thirds (64%) of respondents agreed they had been inspired to travel to a destination after seeing it featured on a TV show, news source, or movie, but the number rose to 70% of Gen-Z and millennial respondents.

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And 61% of respondents agreed they had decided to visit specific restaurants or stores after seeing them in a TV show or movie.

Also, 44% of respondents agreed they get most of their inspiration for where to dine and what to eat from TV shows. A whopping 75% of respondents agree that they have been inspired to travel to a specific destination by social media.