Fed up of dull, gloomy days, bitter cold winds, rain or even snow between October and February? Need to get rid of all your Winter blues, how about a holiday to a guaranteed sunnier climate?  There are plenty of Countries to choose from that can offer, not just the sunshine you long for but beautiful sandy beaches, clear, turquoise blue seas, peace, tranquillity, fun and a chance to relax and escape the British Winter.  You don’t have to travel to the other side of the World to achieve your own slice of heaven, in just over six hours you could reach Cape Verde, Dubai, The Gambia or Hurghada.  Happy to travel a little further, then in just over nine hours you could be in, Mexico, Florida, Oman, Cuba or Barbados.

Cape Verde is still virtually an undiscovered gem, the cluster of volcanic islands that make up this exotic paradise are blessed with temperatures in the high twenties, and just like the climate the locals are a warm and friendly people. Dubai never gets cold during our winter and one of the most exciting things is that you can choose to do all the activities on offer here without worrying about the weather being to hot or to cold.

Take a desert safari or try a camel ride, shop till you drop or visit the famous Abu Dhabi F1 Paddock Club and enjoy the thrill and unique spectacle of a Grand Prix race.  If this is something you would like to experience then check out some websites such as edgeglobalevents.com/f1-paddock-club/f1-paddock-club-abu-dhabi

The Gambia will definitely offer you a taste of paradise, called “The Smiling Coast” this sliver of land in Western Africa is surprisingly affordable and totally beautiful.  The temperature in Hurghada usually stays at around a comfortable twenty degrees C which offers the perfect opportunity to swim, look at the incredible marine life and stunning corals.  There are also a number of ship wrecks to explore and reefs to dive between.

Looking for turquoise blue seas, iridescent green jungles and mangroves, fascinating underground waterways and reefs then look no further than Mexico.  Want loads to see and do, then Florida should be on your holiday destination radar.  Orlando with all it’s resorts, Walt Disney World itself or perhaps a boat trip into the wilderness of the famous Everglades.

One of the biggest draws for travellers going to Oman are the wilderness adventures.  You can dive into coral reefs or go swimming in the fjords, hiking or camping, if you enjoy the great outdoors you will love it here.  In Cuba you can enjoy clear blue skies, mercifully low humidity and plenty of sun between November and April. Barbados remains the most popular destination for winter travellers to go to for the sun, stunning beaches, crystal clear waters and a cooling breeze that will blow away all your winter woes. Wherever you decide to go for your winter vacation make it a memorable experience for all the right reasons.