Some Basic Astrology Facts and Tips

The term ‘astrology’ came from two Greek words, the first one ‘astron’ meaning ‘star’ and the second one ‘logo’ meaning ‘study.’ Simply put, astrology is the study of the stars. Astrology has long been used by ancient people about 5,000 years ago. All events and the things that happen to the lives of the people have been said to have been contributed by the effects that the celestial bodies have. Before 2000 BC, astrology has already been used among people who live in ancient Mesopotamia and ancient Babylon. After that, about 2400 years ago, the study of the planets, stars, moon, and sun and their effect on earth have arrive to Greece. This is more or less 400 years before Christ was born. After that, during the time of Alexander, astrology then spread towards India, the Middle East, and Egypt.

The traditions of astrology differ in application and principles in more ways than one. Out of the various traditions of astrology, the most commonly used ones are the Vedic or Indian astrology the Modern Western astrology, and the Chinese astrology.

The application of the horoscopic system is known to have come from the Modern Western astrology or the Vedic astrology. A horoscope is akin to a chart that is based on astrology. The representation of the horoscope revolves around the planets, moon, the sun, and the stars according to the both of these traditions. Each of these celestial bodies have been shown to affect the various areas of your life.

The Vedic or Indian astrology is sidereal where the zodiac declared is kept in parallel with the 27 constellations. On the other hand, the Modern Western astrology is called as tropical since it divides the sky in twelve equal parts. When you then talk about the Chinese system of astrology, you are referring to the use of various principles of astrology. Nevertheless, a lot of countries that have been influenced by the Chinese highly rely on the use of the Chinese tradition of astrology.

Now, how does astrology work?

The position of the celestial bodies during the day when you were born is telling of how your life will be influenced in the coming years as well as its future when you talk about astrology. A lot of people believe in astrology and can get some sources in their newspapers and other media platforms about them. The ones you usually read in your morning newspapers are the sun sign astrology that is the simplest among them. You only have to look into your date of birth for you to get an astrological reading. However, there are now better sources of astrological readings online that are more accurate.

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