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Matcha and Melon Afternoon Teas For Summer In Tokyo 2023


Conrad Tokyo’s Matcha Afternoon Tea in Zen Garden

¥7,200 (Weekdays), ¥7,800 (Weekends/Holidays)

Calling all matcha lovers, this well-received afternoon tea is back again this year with a beautiful green view of the Hamarikyu garden. It offers a variety of sweets and savory dishes that combine matcha with domestically sourced ingredients to create unique flavors. Guests can enjoy the afternoon tea while appreciating the garden and enjoying the food at their own pace. Additionally, a wide selection of drinks, including herbal teas, coffee and soft drinks are available for unlimited refills. Available until Jul. 2, 2023 at Bar & Lounge TwentyEight, Conrad Tokyo.

Photo: Conrad Tokyo

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Andaz Tokyo’s Melon Afternoon Tea


An early marker of the season to come, spend time at Andaz Tokyo indulging in melon themed treats for afternoon tea. From savory dishes with a modern, melon twist like Greek salad and Brandade croquette to refreshing desserts like soda jelly and tarts, you’ll get a taste of one of the best summer fruits in Japan. Pair your bites with a wide assortment of fine teas and premium coffee. Available until Jun. 30, 2023 at The Tavern – Grill & Lounge, Andaz Tokyo.

Photo: Andaz Tokyo

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ANA InterContinental Tokyo’s Matcha Afternoon Tea

From ¥7,500 (+¥1,500 for matcha cocktail)

This afternoon tea showcases 12 types of petit gateau combining a variety of summer fruits and aromatic matcha. In addition to the delectable sweets, the menu includes five carefully crafted savory dishes also all incorporating matcha. Guests can indulge while being served a wide range of beverages, including Ronnefeldt tea and even a matcha milk cocktail adding to the overall enjoyment of the experience. Available until Sept. 30, 2023 at Atrium Lounge, ANA InterContinental Tokyo.

Photo: ANA InterContinental

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Four Seasons Hotel Otemachi’s Melon Afternoon Tea

¥8,800 (+¥1,000 for Saboe Tea Selection)

Have a refreshing afternoon in the heart of Tokyo’s business district with a carefully crafted menu filled with all sorts of Melon pastries and savory dishes. For a limited time, enjoy the best of what this season has to offer like fluffy melon custard cream to a pistachio melon confit. Elevate your afternoon tea experience by pairing these dishes with premium Japanese herbal teas from Saboe. Available until Jun. 30, 2023 at The Lounge, Four Seasons Hotel Otemachi.

Photo: Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo Otemachi

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Shangri-La Tokyo’s Summer Matcha Afternoon Tea


This afternoon tea features the highest quality matcha made from tea leaves grown by Shoen Shimizuya, a tea farm in Uji, Kyoto, with a 300-year history dating back to the Edo period. The tea promises a fragrant and refined taste, accompanied by both sweet and savory treats, offering a delightful tea time experience in early summer. Available until Jun. 30, 2023 at The Lobby Lounge, ShangriLa Tokyo.

Photo: Shangri-La Tokyo

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Odakyu Hotel Century Southern Tower’s Melon Afternoon Tea


Celebrate the beginning of summer by cooling off with afternoon tea at the Lounge South Court in Hotel Century Southern Tower. Enjoy free flowing tea, coffee and the rest of what the drink menu at the lounge has to offer. With 11 delectable melon dishes to choose from, you can start with a bite of melon and ham sandwich then a melon compote and end with a melon, yogurt and lemon jelly parfait. The choice is yours. Available until Aug. 31, 2023 at Lounge South Court, Hotel Century Southern Tower.

Photo: Hotel Century Southern Tower

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Hotel Chinzanso’s Premium Ujicha Afternoon Tea

¥7,000 (+¥1,000 for welcome drink)

This afternoon tea is a limited-time collaboration with the renowned tea shop Tsujiri Hyoue Honten, established in 1860 in Uji, Kyoto. The collaboration offers an experience where guests can enjoy the world of Uji tea alongside the lush greenery of the hotel’s garden. The menu includes matcha-flavored chocolates with designs inspired by the Japanese rock garden Karesansui and adorable moss ball treats resembling bonsai, with chocolates shaped like bamboo sticks. It’s a delightful and indulgent way to savor the flavors and atmosphere associated with Uji matcha. Available until Jun. 30, 2023 at Le Jardin, Hotel Chinzanso.

Photo: Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

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The New Otani’s Mango and Melon Afternoon Tea


Set against a backdrop of a 400-year-old Japanese Garden with floor-to-ceiling windows, have your afternoon tea with an unforgettable view. With a wide variety of herbal teas work your way up the platter of savory and sweet sandwiches to refreshing mango and melon jelly and a super melon shortcake to finish off strong. Available until Jun. 30, 2023 at Garden Lounge, The New Otani.

Photo: Hotel New Otani

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The Grand Ginza’s Adult Time Matcha Afternoon Tea

¥5,200 (+¥1,500 for champagne)

This afternoon tea set offers a delightful array of matcha-infused treats, providing an experience to savor the essence of Japan’s wabi-sabi aesthetic. The set includes 13 items with a variety of Japanese-flavored delights, ranging from chestnuts, yokan and zenzai, to sophisticated sweets like matcha macarons and scones. Additionally, the set showcases matcha from Kamirin Harumatsu Motomoto-ten, a renowned tea shop in Uji with a 450-year history, where tea artisans of the highest rank, known as Gomotsu Ochashi, have passed down their expertise. Available until Jun. 30, 2023 at The Grand Lounge, The Grand Ginza.

Photo: The Grand Ginza

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Tokyo Marriott Hotel’s Juicy Melon Afternoon Tea


This afternoon tea menu consists of rare Aqua Melon from neighboring Chiba Prefecture. Delight in eight Melon themed desserts that bring out the fruit’s natural sweetness and four carefully crafted savory bites. Fancy a Chiba aquamelon and lemongrass jelly? For one memorable afternoon this summer, this might just be what you’re looking for. Available until Jun. 30, 2023 at Lounge & Dining G, Tokyo Marriott Hotel.

Photo: Tokyo Marriott Hotel

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