If you are on vacation in Yangon and are looking for a number one quality 5-star hotel, don’t hesitate to set foot in the Grand Mercure Golden Empire, the luxury hotel yangon. Here you can feel the luxury of every inch of your room. All hotel staff will proudly provide you with the first-class service that is visible from the moment you arrive until the day you check out of the hotel. Not only concerned with the quality of hospitality, design, and decoration of the Grand Mercure Golden Empire is perfect in every corner.

Luxury amenities are ready, so you can relax and enjoy the local flavors of Myanmar, or also spend time with family and loved ones. You do not need to worry about being in this hotel; its location is easily accessible by several means of transportation. There is also a special service from this hotel; Grand Mercure Golden Empire also offers a shuttle service to take you safely to our hotel from the airport. To get this service, you must contact the hotel staff in advance to confirm your date and time of arrival.

There is also an exclusive spa for guests who want to relax their body and mind. A friendly and trained massage therapist can help you rejuvenate your skin and relax your mind and body during the holidays. Sophisticated swimming pools and fitness facilities can also help children to stay in shape during the holidays. We also provide a bar which is located right by the pool if you want to enjoy your favorite drink after swimming. Other health facilities, namely the gym, also exist. We also have a fitness instructor to help you get optimal results.

Even though it’s far from the bustling city, our luxury hotels still allow you to stay connected to the world through free Wi-Fi, television and the newspapers. The quality of our property is not only displayed through luxurious decoration but also through the food we serve. You can enjoy a wide selection of delicious local and international dishes, of course. The restaurants in our luxury 5-star hotel offer you to enjoy selected foods in a cozy indoor setting. We also provide outdoor chairs if you want to enjoy wine and dinner outside by looking at the beautiful view at night.

If you are traveling for business, our hotel can function as a place for various meetings and events. With seven meeting rooms, two spacious multipurpose rooms, and a multipurpose area, we can host you comfortably. This room is perfect for all types of events, from corporate meetings to luxurious weddings. Grand Mercure Yangon Golden Empire not only serves as a place where you can relax and unwind but also a place where you can feel the perfect atmosphere of a vacation in Myanmar.