Various Famous Pubs in the Movie Industry

London is not just known to have the many best pubs, but this is also known to have many famous film pubs. In the article below, you will know some of the famous film pubs in the movie industry.

From films, books and TV, these pubs were in fact inspired by the ones that are real and are also actual pubs that were being used in film locations.

Movie: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

This is the time where The Beehive at Buntingford appeared in this 2005 movie. Ford Prefect, who was played by Mos Def revealed to Arthur Dent (played by Martin Freeman), that he came from another planet and that the future of the Earth is scheduled to be flattened for an intergalactic super highway.

The Beehive was a traditional 200 year old roadside freehouse which was built as an ale house until 1956. This is actually an appealing pub that has a single bar, no jukebox and also no fruit machines and its pub games like dart and cribbage are popular.

Film: An American Werewolf in London

The Black Swan actually appeared in this movie and was in fact renamed to “The Slaughtered Lamb” in its 1981 appearance. Jack (played by Griffin Dunne) and David (played by David Naughton) were actually two travellers who ventured off to the moors and there was actually a werewolf involved.

The Black Swan Ockham is found in the idyllic Surrey countryside is considered to be the local culinary hotspot that offers British menu and uses some of their fresh seasonal and fresh produce.

Movie: Brannigan

The Lamb Tavern, which is located at Leadenhall Market was made as the setting for the famous 1975 movie “Brannigan”. This movie was played by Jim Brannigan (played by John Wayne), who bring his own American Justice at the streets of London. The movie also starred Commander Swann (played by Richard Attenborough), who continue to batter Brannigan in a true upper class British way and the use of handguns on British streets was forbidden by the police force.

The Lamb Tavern is a place where you could take refreshments which is adjacent to the market. Also, it continued its tradition which was first established in Roman Britain in the last 2000 years.

Film: Still Crazy

This would be where The Red Lion appeared in this film, which actually was based on the story of Strange Fruit, which was in fact the rock band who had it all and then later on lost all of it and became normal everyday people and during middle age, attempted to make a comeback.

The Red Lion was licensed in 1802 and is popularly known for its 86ft deep well, which dates back in the 1600’s. The well room was named after Alexander Keiller who had excavated the ancient stone circle that surrounds the pub.