5 Most Visited Places in America by Backpackers

The natural scenery of the USA is breathtaking. Many of its locals are friendly, and the cost of living in many places is relatively cheap even among hostels. Gas and food are quite cheap too. These things make the United States one of the best known destinations for backpackers.

America has huge highways that make it easy for anyone to go through the tourist trail. The USA also has Amtrak trains, Greyhound buses and affordable domestic flights. Besides, American cities have all the shopping, culture and sights you will ever need.

Here are our top recommendations for the cities that backpackers would usually visit in America whether they’re going to hit the highway or just go on a road trip:

1. Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is home to some of the best universities in the world as well as the richest architecture in the whole country. This is why the city …