Bristol Hippodrome panto – Snow White for 2021 review

Panto is back in Bristol a little early this year with an Easter treat as the brilliantly funny Mother Goose takes to the stage at the Hippodrome starring none other than legendary stage and screen actor Ian Mckellen.

Fresh from their acclaimed Christmas residency in London’s West End, Mother Goose has landed in Bristol with laughs aplenty and music, dance and classic panto fun of the highest quality.

Ian Mckellen appears as Mother Goose who runs a waifs and strays animal sanctuary in an abandoned Debenhams alongside her husband Vic, played brilliantly by legendary comedian John Bishop.

With a cost of living crisis weighing heavily on the sanctuary all is not well, but the arrival of a new and very magical goose that can lay golden eggs means that their world is about to be turned upside down.

Is fame and fortune all its cracked up to be, or is the yolk on Mother Goose? This panto has a lot of heart as well as lots of laughs, and is the perfect spring pick-me-up.

This is pantomime done to perfection with classic comedy routines which will have the whole family laughing, puppetry (including a pig called Boris) and an outstanding turn from a stellar supporting cast who deliver song after song.

Mckellen of course is the star act here and we are treated to moments of Shakespearean greatness and even Gandalf, the role he made famous in Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, gets a brief run-out.

We absolutely loved the energy the cast brought to the show which gets everyone to their feet for a great sing along at the end. There’s constant audience interaction, jokes for the adults as well as the kids, along with some brilliant staging and costumes which are simply outstanding.

It’s a real treat to be able to enjoy Panto twice in one year at the Bristol Hippodrome.

Is it wonderful to welcome this award-winning show to the city for the Easter break? Oh yes it is!

Mother Goose starring Ian Mckellen is at the Bristol Hippodrome until Sunday the 16th of April. Don’t miss it!

Get your tickets here.

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It’s Panto time in Bristol as Cinderella arrives at the Hippodrome and it’s great to be back in the theatre, Oh yes it is! Panto is making a magical return at Bristol Hippodrome this Christmas and they have assembled a brilliant show with laughs, showbiz pizazz and plenty of sparkle to send Cinderella to the ball.

This all-star cast includes the fab-u-lous Craig Revel Horwood who has a wonderful time as the Wicked Stepmother, with a host of dance routines, outrageous costumes, Strictly come dancing gags, and musical numbers where he showcases his impressive singing voice as he leads this panto which is packed with so much for the audience.

Panto just wouldn’t be panto without Andy Ford at the Bristol Hippodrome and this year doesn’t disappoint. Appearing as Buttons once again, Andy is on great form this Christmas. There are brand new routines which give Andy a chance to shine and the gags come thick and fast. He’s the glue holding the show together and Andy has the audience in the palm of his hands once again, in this his tenth pantomime appearance at the Bristol Hippodrome.

Alongside Andy and Craig are Lauren Hampton who is a spirited and lively Cinderella, well matched with her Prince Charming. There’s also plenty for the supporting cast to do with Alison Jiear putting in a truly sparkling performance as the Fairy Godmother, delivering wonderful singing and a comic routine or two.

The well known tale of Cinderella sees her forced to work by her wicked stepmother and two ugly sisters, until her fairy godmother arrives to weave some magic and send her to the ball and perhaps find true love.

There are some magical moments through the production including a surprise just before the interval which I wont spoil but is a real wow!

Equally fun and brilliantly boo-able are the two ugly sisters who together with Buttons deliver some hilarious panto moments and routines which will get the kids really laughing.

The Bristol Hippodrome can be relied upon to put on an impressive panto every year and even though it’s noticeable that the cast are reduced in number this season and there are fewer set changes, there’s plenty of fun for children and adults alike. You’ll be on your feet and dancing before the curtain falls.


Bristol Hippodrome panto – Snow White brings the fun of panto back to the stage for 2021

This year’s production of Snow White is pure fun with an all star cast including Lesley Joseph swapping Chigwell for Bristol, Rob Rinder who is a real revelation on stage, and the long awaited return of Andy Ford who brings the theatre alive and gets the whole place rocking with laughter.

Taking the role of the Wicked Queen Lesley Joseph leads this brand new take on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and if you think you’ve seen it all before, this panto packs some real surprises including an impressive gigantic animatronic which will have all of the audience gasping.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at Bristol Hippodrome is Judge Rob Rinder’s debut pantomime, and he delivers an incredible performance with some brilliant song and dance routines. It’s an impressive debut for the Judge who appears as the Man in the Mirror and he never puts a foot wrong.

Andy Ford’s panto performances in Bristol are legendary and his return to the stage at the Hippodrome could not have come at a more perfect time. As Muddles he’s barely off the stage with lots of brilliant routines, jokes aplenty and loads of audience interaction. It’s here where Andy Ford comes into his own, willing the audience into gales of laughter at the silly gags, and ensuring that everyone’s having a great time.

The trio of stars really make this production work. The classic Twelve Days of Christmas routine sees all three having a whale of a time and it’s a real joy to be back in the theatre hearing an audience in hysterics.

Charlotte Haines dazzles as Snow White, and together with Dale Mathurin as the charming Prince Harry of Hengrove, seven delightful dwarfs and a supporting cast of dancers, the songs, costumes and dance routines keep coming and make for a fantastic panto.

There’s no getting away from the fact that this is a smaller cast for the panto than in previous years possibly as a result of the limitations caused by Covid, but the whole cast put on a brilliant show and you will leave the Bristol Hippodrome with a huge smile on your face. Panto is well and truly back in Bristol this year.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is now on at Bristol Hippodrome until Sunday 2nd January 2022. Make sure to get your tickets at


Bristol Hippodrome Panto 2019 – Shane Richie stars as Dick Whittington

The stage is set for another fantastic season for the Bristol Hippodrome Panto as Shane Richie leads an energetic cast in Dick Whittington. If you’re looking for a pantomime Bristol always delivers and Shane, best known for his role as Alfie Moon in Eastenders as well as appearing in a multitude of musical theatre productions, brings the Bristol Hippodrome alive in this rags to riches story. Here’s our review of the Bristol Hippodrome pantomime and read to the end to find out how to get Bristol Hippodrome pantomime tickets.

Bristol Hippodrome is always a wonderful venue for pantomime productions and the audience was in fine voice ready to cheer for the hero and boo for the baddies.

This brand new production sees Dick Whittington setting out on his adventures which will ultimately lead to him becoming Lord Mayor of London. Along the way he will need to outwit Queen Rat and win the hand of Alice Fitzwarren in marriage, played brilliantly by Christine Tucker.

Shane Richie is at the heart of this pantomime and is rarely off the stage, with outstanding musical numbers and delivering laughs aplenty. The production is at its best when Shane is on the stage ably supported by the talented and lively cast. This is a true pantomime with some brilliant routines which are delivered impeccably by Shane and Peter Piper, which get the audience roaring with laughter.

It’s almost inevitable that the Eastenders dramatic ‘doof doof’ drums make an appearance during the production bringing laughter from the audience and it works perfectly in this London based story as our hero Dick seeks his fame and fortune on the rat-infested streets of the capital, before we are whisked away to Morocco.

Joining Shane on stage is Cbeebies favourite Jennie Dale who is playing Queen Rat. Jennie will be well known to younger audience members as she starred as Captain Captain in Swashbuckle, and she is just as brilliant on stage as the panto baddie leading a gang of rats, as she is when leading a terrible pirate crew.

The production is given an extra boost thanks to the fact that the set and staging has been brought to Bristol from the London Palladium show and really wowed the audience with its stunning effects complete with a couple of jaw dropping moments in the first half, which I won’t spoil but my kids absolutely loved.

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Cinderella brings pantomime sparkle back to Bristol’s Hippodrome for Christmas 2018

Panto is back in Bristol and this year’s extravaganza of Cinderella at the Hippodrome is a hilarious evening of great family fun thanks to the two leads Brian Conley and everyone’s favourite fashion star Gok Wan. This is a slick and stunning production which has the audience laughing throughout and is perfect for every member of the family. The panto has its sights set firmly on the laughs meaning that Brian Conley is rarely off the stage as Buttons and we’re treated to gags, sketches and musical numbers playing to all of his strengths. There’s lots of audience interaction, stunning lighting, magical moments (including some gasp out loud magic tricks) and some real stand out panto moments. This is a fast paced and engaging show as Cinderella, brilliantly played by Lauren Hall, transforms from a life of rags to wonderous riches with the help of Gok, tricks her Ugly Sisters and sets out two win the heart of the dashing Prince Charming while he is also, luckily, on the search for love, with Dandini close at hand. Lauren Hall delivers wonderfully, with superb singing and perfect comic timing alongside Buttons. Cinderella is packed with all the elements you could want from a perfect pantomime. The music and special effects are really strong this year and with the jokes and action coming thick and fast it’s a breath-taking show which leaves you grinning throughout. One revelation for me was Gok Wan who totally embraced the role of Fairy Gok-mother and delivered a show-stopping performance and was the perfect foil for Conley. This cast is noticeably smaller in number than other Panto productions, but there’s great star quality from the leads, ably supported by two wonderfully Bristolian ugly-sisters who deliver laughs aplenty and hold their own alongside Buttons. There are some real wow points in the production including the transformation of Cinderella, ably assisted by the Fairy Gok-mother of course! But the moment that Cinder’s carriage takes to the air complete with galloping horses was the most magical moment which made my children’s mouths drop open and stare amazed at the stage. It’s certainly a panto packed with memorable scenes which my kids just couldn’t stop talking about afterwards.


The biggest and best pantomime so far! Aladdin at Bristol Hippodrome

This year’s panto Aladdin at Bristol Hippodrome is huge and hilarious. With winning performances from Joe Pasquale and an all-star cast this a brilliant family show which has kept me smiling for days afterwards. It’s the perfect way to start the Christmas season.

The show starts with a bang – literally! There’s no warning, no ‘turn off your phones’ messages, this panto comes straight at you and you’re immediately off on the ride. You’re straight into the show with songs, dance and a huge animatronic beast – the first of many surprises in the show. Marti Pellow, appearing as the evil Abanazar, is one of the first stars on stage and gives us a perfectly boo-able baddie whilst belting out song after song.

We’re soon in familiar panto territory in Old Peking with the most fabulous Pantomime Dame from the brilliant David Robbins as Widow Twankey. The songs and corny jokes come thick and fast and there’s great support from all the fantastic dancers who are given lots to do throughout the whole show.

Hayley Tamaddon is a great revelation as Princess Jasmine, making much of the role and proving to be both an incredible singer and performer. She delivers time and again, and alongside the singing of Kimberly Blake as Scheherazade there’s some real girl power in this show.

This is a big budget pantomime which is packed with songs and dancing at every turn. There are 3D sections, as the action moves from China to Egypt (this might be a bit scary for very little ones), magic tricks, huge animatronic creatures and the most astonishing magic carpet ride which closes the first half. My children couldn’t believe how the magic carpet flew right out over the audience, which thanks to some clever lighting looked as if it was really flying.

The absolute star of the show is Comedian Joe Pasquale who gives a real star turn as Wishee Washee, with jokes which had my kids in hysterics. He is rarely off the stage with routines aplenty and is at the centre of the action throughout. His comedy often comes partnered with Aladdin played brilliantly by Alexis Gerred, and they’re a great paring on stage.

There’s even a return (of sorts) for much-loved comedian Andy Ford in the shape of a (puppet) huge genie. It was great to hear his voice again at the Hippodrome.

Aladdin at the Bristol Hippodrome delivers a real ‘wow’ and with such a packed and energetic performance you will absolutely love this show.


Get your skates on for Torvill and Dean in pantomine – Cinderella, Bristol Hippodrome 2016

Panto is back in Bristol and this year the Hippodrome is playing host to an icy themed version of Cinderella filled with fun, laughter and the wonderful skating of Torvill and Dean.

Bristol’s history of delivering top quality panto fun shows no sign of stopping with this retelling of the famous tale with our skating stars sharing the role of the Fairy Godparents, King Crispin and Queen Juniper, along with all the regular favourites in Buttons and Cinders,

and the awesomely awful Ugly Sisters who make regular appearances in increasingly outrageous costumes,

While lighter on comedy than in previous years there is still fun a-plenty and lots of audience participation thanks to Jarred Christmas as Buttons, the Ugly Sisters and the superb Dandini who belts out tunes as well as he delivers the laughs.

We’re treated to some brilliant singing too from Rhiannon Chesterman as Cinderella, with loads of dancing and tunes to get the audience joining in.

We loved the brilliant set changes and big song and dance numbers which also saw a real wow moment as Cinders is magically transformed from her rags to sparkling ball gown right in front of our eyes. It’s a brilliant moment, quickly followed by the appearance of some real Shetland ponies to pull her carriage – a lovely touch which made our children gasp out loud.

Torvill and Dean make regular appearances throughout the show, with Christopher Dean delivering some authentic Bristol dialogue (from ‘Cheers Drive’ to ‘Me Babber’!) and lots of references to their Olympic performances.

As stars of the show Torvill and Dean get their moment in the spotlight as we get hints of what’s to come – we won’t spoil the surprise but it’s safe to say that grown ups will recognise the tune!

Cinderella at the Bristol Hippodrome is a wonderful pantomime for all the family, filled with fun, music and comedy which will put a Christmas smile on everyone’s faces.


Panto is back – Oh yes it is! Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at the Bristol Hippodrome 2015

This year’s pantomime at the Bristol Hippodrome is absolutely outstanding. I truly think Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs really is the best panto we’ve ever been to. The pace is frenetic, the fun doesn’t let up and the whole cast delivers one of the greatest performances of recent years.

There’s a talented line up of performers lead by film and TV star Warwick Davis, CBeebies star Andy Day who plays Muddles and has a great rapport with the audience, and comedian Andy Ford delivers once again for the Hippodrome. Shaun the Sheep also makes an appearance to provide fun and entertainment for the younger ones.

Even before the show gets underway there’s participation a-plenty with a giant video screen and a camera pointed at the seats – zooming in on unsuspecting members of the audience, showing cheeky comments, and getting the energy levels going with mexican waves.

The show gets going with great dancing and well-known songs which are performed to an incredible level this year. They’re really polished and the singing from the likes of Snow White, Prince Clive of Clifton (!) and in particular the Wicked Queen Morgiana is extremely good.

The show faithfully follows the tale of Snow White and the seven dwarfs, complete with poisoned apple, and magic mirror which really comes to life and our children were astonished at the effects throughout the show.

The sets this year are really impressive too, with the dwarves house and mine particularly standing out. By the time we reach the dwarfs in their mine there’s been so much fun and action that it feels like we’ve had a full panto already! The energy doesn’t drop with lots of ‘hi-ho-ing’ and even a fun ‘explosion’ in the diamond mine. The troop of seven dwarves, lead by Warwick Davis’s Prof are all brilliant and have several starring moments including a great musical finale.

The show is full of laughs, great comedy sequences including the classic singing on a wall skit, where characters are constantly thrown off to much hilarity. Andy Ford delivers his patter fast and furious and while he doesn’t carry the show as much as last year, he’s a big part of the panto show and provides plenty of energy and hilarity. He has a great partnership with Andy Day too.

I didn’t feel that the inclusion of the role of Shaun the Sheep added much to the story and there didn’t seem to be much reason for him to be in the show, but he was my four year old’s favourite part of the panto so clearly has a part to play for younger audience members.

Overall this is a really fun packed panto which delivers. My childrens verdict – ‘Absolutely brilliant!’


Dick Whittington – Pantomime – Bristol Hippodrome 2014

The Globalmouse family loves a good Panto and when we heard that Ashleigh and Pudsey were appearing alongside Ben Faulks (aka CBeebie’s Mr Bloom) and a host of other stars at Bristol’s Hippodrome, we knew we had to be there.

Pantomime has a 300 year old history in the UK and we are the only nation to keep this tradition alive. And it’s such an important one. Even if you don’t get to the theatre much put a date in your diary to see a pantomime near you – packed full of audience participation you can’t beat an evening of “oh yes he is”, “it’s behind you” and a dance in the aisle!

Dick Whittington really does hit the mark – the atmosphere in the Hippodrome was full of fun, lots of laughs and all the audience participation to create the panto vibe!

Ashleigh and Pudsey were so cute as Alice Fitzwarren and her dog and Ben Faulks was great as Dick Whittington and I thought their dancing and singing was amazing. They really exceeded my expectations and were brilliant in their roles.

The panto tells the story of Dick and his cat on their quest for fame and fortune, but will the evil Queen Rat spoil their plans?! It’s a great adventurous tale for little ones to follow, with lots of boos, cheers and laughter along the way.

Andy Ford is hilarious as Idle Jack. He really makes the show come alive from the time he walks on the stage. You cannot fail to get into the spirit of the show with someone like Andy as part of the Pantomime. His routines and comedy come thick and fast and the partnership with Sarah the Cook (aka. writer and director Eric Potts) works really well. There are immense amounts of fun to be had, and with jokes for little ones and Mums and Dads too, it’s everything you could wish for in a fun, entertaining and energetic pantomime.

As you enter the Theatre everyone is handed 3D glasses and I wondered whether this would be too gimmicky and not really in keeping with the rest of the show. But the 3D section which takes the story deep underwater with a CGI turtle, a character introduced earlier in the evening, is projected onto a large screen and it really does add to the experience and the children all really enjoyed the variety this added to the proceedings.

There is great support too from former X Factor singer Brenda Edwards and a really talented cast of actors, dancers and singers. The pace of the show never dips and there’s great singalong songs, dance routines and a bit of audience participation too!

Dick Whittington is a real crowd pleaser and Bristol’s Hippodrome has delivered another brilliant Panto which I urge you to go and see. We will be back next year for certain. Oh yes we will!