The charm of the beach and the beauty of the Maldives sea is unquestionable. Because it is no secret that this small country in the western part of Sri Lanka has a million panoramic beauty like a piece of heaven on earth. The combination of clear turquoise blue sea and white sand as far as the eye can see will hypnotize you. In this article, you can get important information about how to make a visa to the Maldives, check it out!

Before you start exploring Maldives, it’s a good idea to plan your trip first.

Adjusting the budget is the most important thing! Although most people consider the Maldives as a luxury and expensive tourist destination, you can still plan your vacation with a budget trip by renting the right hotel. If you want your holiday to be memorable, don’t forget to try to stay at Luxury Villas Maldives, Raffles Royal Residence.

If you have arranged a travel plan, you need to know about preparing for a visa to the Maldives.

Previously, we want to tell you about the visa first so that you don’t confuse visa and passport. For your Information, a Visa is a document of permission to enter someone into a country that can be obtained at an embassy where the country has a Consulate-General or a foreign embassy. A visa is a ‘may visit’ proof given to residents of a country if it enters the territory of another country that requires an entry permit. It can be in the form of a visa sticker that can be applied at the embassy of the country to be visited or in the form of a stamp on the passport in certain countries.

Based on other sources, Visa is an official document that you need to enter the destination country within a certain period. An original visa that is usually stamped in the recipient’s passport is very necessary if you want to visit a certain country.

The rest, if the government has agreed with a country so that its citizens are free to visit that country, then if you travel there, you do not need permission to enter the country or in other words ‘visa-free’ for Indonesian passport holders. Your passport will be stamped at immigration when you arrive and you will be allowed to enter immediately.

Well, there’s good news about Visa to the Maldives! You don’t need to bother to arrange for visas from far-away or waiting in line at the Embassy, ​​because for Indonesian citizens who want to go to the Maldives you only need a visa on arrival. But, what is visa on arrival?

  • On arrival, the visa is a visa that can be made right away when you enter the territory of a country. Whether it’s through airports, seaports or walks entering national borders. This visa can be obtained if the two countries have good relations, or there is cooperation so that the visa process is made easier.

So, Maldives will give you a ‘visa-free’ or visa on arrival for those of you who only vacation there for less than 30 days.

Based on information on the Maldives immigration visa, this free thirty-day visa (visa on arrival) is issued upon arrival for all countries, with the following conditions:

  • Must have a valid passport with Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) – (ICAO Annex 9 standard, chapter 3.10.1) and must be valid at least 6 months from the date of arrival.
  • Have a valid ticket to continue your trip outside the Maldives (round-trip plane tickets).
  • Has sufficient funds to cover expenses during your stay in the Maldives. (US $ 100 + $ 50 dollars per day) or have a booking confirmation at a Tourist Resort or Hotel.

Easy? All you have to do is bring a pen and fill in the blanks that have been prepared upon arrival at Maldives immigration. Also, the most important thing is you already hold a round-trip plane ticket, then Maldives immigration is sure to let you go. You can also print hotel booking confirmations to make it safer.