Learning about the Similarity of a Sales Career and Dating Scene

You are for example out there with your friends at the bar having some drinks and even playing some games as well as laughing off some of the stories you are having and all of a sudden you spot a very beautiful girl who is at the same bar alone. Then in the process, one of your cheeky pal will tell you to take on the challenge and go say hi to the lady. You suddenly gain confidence and walk towards her although shaky about the whole situation not knowing of even what to say and this is because you do not know how to flirt with a girl. On getting to her, you start stammering since you have no words to tell her. On noticing that, the girl turns away and you walk back to your friends shamelessly since you have no idea on how to flirt with a girl. The following are tips to assist you in your sales career.

Get to first know how flirting is important. Remember, you are the product and who you date can give you success in sales. Make a point of ensuring that you have a personal connection with your customers first. You cannot really want to flirt with a girl whom you are not interested in. People who do certain things for selfish gains cannot in any case get a chance to take a girl at their homes. This also applies to sales. The same case applies to sales. For you to earn a good commission, you will have to establish a good commission.

It is essential for each person to believe in yourself as a person first. In the case of flirting with a girl, you will have to show complete interest in her and do not get tired of pursuing her. The same applies to a career in sales. Despite you not knowing the product well, you will be required to explain to your clients the product in details. For a salesperson to have a good commission check, they have to know their product well. It is therefore important that before selling a product to the customer, you will need to sell yourself first.

Some people try to be pushy and also creepy. This are a clear indication of turning off a girl. You will be required to do less of the talking and more of the listening. If you are in sales, you should also be professional, do not be very pushy, you should only contact your clients during working hours.

Show that you got it all the time by being composed. Women like being in relationships with men who are strong and confident. For a sales career you will be faced with a lot of rejection and only confidence will get you to clinch a client if you explain your product well.