Sweden is a strange country in its own right. It enjoys a diverse culture as many of its citizens have roots from other countries. However, there are several things that you will only find in Sweden, which makes it an excellent place to explore in your next vacation. Here are these weird things. 

Love for Food That is Past Its Best Days 

There is an unusual tolerance for food that is past its best days that you will not find anywhere else in Europe. For example, their sour milk, called Filmjolk, goes a little far to taste like milk that has already gone too bad. You will also come across funny-tasting fish that seems to be going bad but surprisingly, good. The citizens also love heavily salted liquorice that tastes a little odd. This love for food that is past its best is not only bizarre but one of the weirdest things you will actually enjoy in here.  


Snus is moist powder tobacco that is a variant of the dry snuff. It is thought to have originated in this country in the 18th century. If you are familiar with the product, you will find a few oddities in the Swedish type. Their sinus has higher water content and higher PH than the American type, which makes its effects quite strong. Most Swedes do not like the sweet aromas found in the American types but go for food-grade smoke aroma, herbs and floral flavours that give it a tingling taste. You can buy small packages of this weird snus from such outlets as SnusDirect‚Äč.    

Dressing by the Calendar 

Most of us dress by the weather of the day. If the weather focus predicts a sunny day, you might wear something light or coats if rains are expected later in the day. This is a little different in Sweden. Most Swedes wear as per the prevailing climate of the season. It is not hard to find someone with a heavy fleece coat and gloves just because it is autumn while the actual weather of the day is warm. Most of Swedes look ridiculous in Autumn and Spring due to this odd dressing.