Carnations, also known as the scientific name of Dianthus, means the ‘’Flowers of God’’. This beautiful bloom is one of the oldest flowers in existence. It has also been popular for centuries. Its history dates back to the ancient Greek and Roman times. This exotic flower was also considered a significant part of art and décor.

Carnation Flowers have a history that dates back 2,000 years. Did you know that these blooms are rich with mythology, debate and symbolism? Nowadays, the flower is available in an array of colours. Each of them has a different feeling. These include expressions of love, fascination and distinction.

Light Red carnations boast feelings of admiration. White carnations are symbolic of good luck and pure love. And dark red represents deep love and affection. Which ones are your favourites?

Today, there are loads of carnations available to choose from. These are perfectly suited to those looking to gift their dearest. You can give a bouquet of the beautiful and exceptional bloom on many occasions.

Woodland Basket: A great gift to give those you wish to share your sincere condolences with. This tribute has a basket filled with white roses, green carnations and freesia to name a few.

Mother’s Day: Carnations continue to dominate the list of flowers given on Mother’s Day. Many individuals prefer white carnation. That’s because it typifies some of the virtues of motherhood. Besides, whiteness stands for faithfulness, love and purity.

Bright Letterbox Flowers: These exotic flowers promise to raise feelings of warmth. You can send them directly to the receiver. And guess what? The best part is that they will fit through their letterbox. A gorgeous rose and carnation combo can warm any home in the cosiest ways.

Different Carnation Flowers

Carnation cultivars have 3 main species, as follows:

  • Dwarf flowered Carnations – which display various small flowers on one stem.
  • Spray Carnations – which display plenty of smaller flowers.
  • Large-flowered Carnations – which brandish one large flower per stem.

Growing Carnations in Gardens

These blooms tend to reach a height of up to 60cm when grown in gardens. Dwarf versions of carnations are also existing. These species tend to grow to roughly half the height of other carnations. The use of carnations in outdoor settings is becoming common. They can be used either as the main attraction or as companions for other plants.

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Fun Facts About Carnation Flowers

  • Did you know that carnations are edible? Many restaurants and hotels use them to decorate an array of dishes.
  • Carnations are commonly known by their scientific name, “Dianthus”. The name is also associated with two Greek words. “anthos” – translates to flower and “dios” – refer to the god Zeus.
  • Carnation is the State Flower in Ohio, USA. To honour President William McKinley, they chose a scarlet-hued carnation.