Who doesn’t like it when the holidays arrive? all needs began to be prepared starting from clothes, pocket money, to accommodation. So even the problem of the vehicle that will be used.

But don’t be in a hurry, because there are things to consider when you want to choose a car rental. read the full review below.

1. Compare the Rental Prices

Before choosing a car rental or car rental, you should look for references about the rental prices offered by each rental service first. This is very important so that you get a rental price that is skewed or under your budget.

Car rental is currently cheap, the price can be adjusted to your needs, including the duration of use, for example provided from Rental mobil batam. Starting from 6 hours, up to 12 hours, the fee ranges from Rp. 550,000 to Rp. 3500,000.

Don’t be happy if there is a car rental that offers rent at a low price. You must see the condition of the car first.

2. Rent Away

Preparing for a vacation should not be sudden, even more so when it comes to renting a car. Well, to choose a car rental, you also need to consider when and how long the rental car will be rented. It also includes considering when you will rent a car.

Because if holidays, weekends, and red dates, usually the demand for rental cars increases. Therefore, book a car rental place so you can ensure the availability of the car. So when you leave you can be sure the car is ready and can be used.

By renting ahead of time, you can avoid the price game while being able to adjust to the budget that has been prepared. It’s also a good idea to confirm prices before choosing a car rental.

3. Choose a car as needed

The bigger the rented car, the greater the budget you have to spend on car rental, including the length of usage. Therefore before choosing a rental car, consider who will go on vacation how many passengers. For example Sewa mobil batam, Sewa mobil batam offers AVANZA which can accommodate up to 7 passengers.

Also determine where you want your vacation destination to be, so that when choosing a car rental it can be adjusted to your needs.

And don’t forget to let the budget for rental cars be sufficient.

4. Ask about the Conditions and Car Facilities that Will Be Rented

Knowing the condition of the car before the car key is given is the most important thing when choosing a car rental. You must ask and be careful about the condition of the car you are going to use.

So that if there is a shortage in the car, you can immediately ask for a car that is worth using. For example, the body is scratched to the condition of the tire and the engine.

So that when things do not happen unwanted. So always be careful and ask about the condition of the car clearly, so you will not be harmed. It’s been expensive to rent a car, it turns out it’s broken on the road, ‘it’s not fun.

Don’t forget also to ask for whatever facilities you get at the rental price of the car. Is the car rental without lock without driver, plus the driver to the rental package plus all of the fuel. Ask clearly what facilities you will get to avoid misunderstandings.