Safety is the main thing that must be taken care of when Riding. Security and safety are very important for us to protect and apply when riding a motorbike. As we can see nowadays many people are riding without using personal protective equipment. The rise of accidents that occur now is great proof that people neglect safety in riding. Lak of safety equipment can cause very dangerous incidents that can even take lives.

The protective equipment that we use is very functional and can maintain mental health and safety. Based on many cases from accidents while riding, we must always use and apply personal protective equipment. Various kinds of personal protective equipment when riding include:

  • Helmets: there are various types of helmets available in the market. Actually, in choosing a safety helmet, we only need 2 (two) criteria, namely: comfortable and safe.
  • Jackets: Nowadays jackets come in a variety of materials, colors, and models. Choose a jacket that is comfortable and safe for your needs. Installation of protector on the shoulders, back, elbows and along the bones of the hand is very good to reduce the impact that occurs at the time of the accident.
  • Shoes: The correct choice of shoes for motorbike driving is not only comfortable to wear but also covers the entire foot to protect the whole. Shoe sole needs to be made of rubber material, so it is not slippery. Shoes also need to have good air circulation and has a soft layer on the inside.
  • Gloves: Apart from being protective of the hands and fingers in cold weather and rain, Glove also functions as a risk reducer in an accident. During the accident, it is the hands that will touch the asphalt and hold our bodies first. Just like other body armor, this glove can also be made from a variety of attractive materials, colors, and shapes.

Based on several types of personal protective equipment above, we need to choose quality, safe and comfortable to reduce the risk of accidents. Wheels Motorcycles motorbike clothing sale is the right place to find the equipment. In addition to a complete collection, it has a discount season so that we can get the items we want at a more economical price.