Planning short term accomodation sydney for a family holiday can seem like a daunting task. There are so many places to choose from. Staying in serviced apartments is the perfect answer to comfortable, affordable family accommodation. Here, we’ve listed a few of its advantages.

It is more economical

One of the most obvious advantages of staying in serviced apartments is that it is more economical. Firstly, you can prepare some meals in your apartment, which will save you money. Food is one of the major expenses that can use up your holiday funds. By being able to have some meals where you are staying, you will be able to save more.

It is also handy if you have been out and bought an excess of food, or your kids don’t feel like eating it all now. You can simply take the food back to the apartment, keep it refrigerated and heat it up later when they want to eat it.

It offers security

A serviced apartment offers your family security. Normally hotels do not offer rooms that have several bedrooms for a large family. So therefore it is hard to book adjoining rooms or keep everyone together. By booking a serviced apartment, everyone gets their own space, but your family will be kept in the one apartment.

It offers all the comforts of home

Serviced apartments offers all the comforts of home for you and your family while you are away. This makes it a comfortable and relaxing place for you to spend time with your family after a big day out sightseeing and doing fun activities.

Unlike a hotel, a modern, spacious apartment offers you the right amount of room. So when it is time for you and your partner to relax or do some reading, the kids can play games or watch a movie in the next room. Even on holidays everyone needs a little of their own space.

By staying in a serviced apartment you are able to come and go as you please, having your own front door. In a hotel, it can often feel like you need to be especially quiet.

Takes the hassle out of cleaning

Coming home after a family holiday can mean having to clean mountains of washing. Many serviced apartments have laundry facilities, so you and your family can wash as you go.

This is also a bonus if you have something you want cleaned to wear again or if your kids have had a spill and their clothes need to be put in the washing machine. Rather than having to visit the nearest dry cleaner you can simply deal with spills and mess as they happen.

So whether you are looking at the self-contained serviced apartments Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne have to offer, you are sure to find a suitable place for your whole family to enjoy a fun and memorable vacation together.