The roof of the house is part of the exterior of the house which is a very important function. Apart from being the top cover of a building, the roof of the house is also a protector of the house itself. Aside from being the outermost protection, the roof of a house can also be the most attractive part of a building, especially if it uses an attractive design.

Therefore, the function of the roof of the house must not be underestimated and must be considered carefully. If you want your roof to provide strong protection, fond du lac roofing is one of the roofing experts who is always ready to help you.

Well, this time I will show you some of the roof designs around the world. The roofs of this house have unique characteristics and have stunning artistic values. You will be inspired by the following roof.

Roofing Pyramid House Model

Well, the model of the roof of this house is also the most popular model in Indonesia. This pyramid roof model is actually best suited for parts of the house that are not too large because of its simple shape. Although the shape is simple, the size of the roof must also be considered. Like the length, width, and height of each corner so that the roof model of this house remains precise.

Many architectures suggest this type of roofing model to be applied to parts of the house that have a small portion of the land area. If you have a land that is not too broad, then this pyramid roof model is one of the most suitable alternative choices.

Flat House Roof Model

Well, this one roof model is the easiest one to make because it is flat. The roof model of this house is often applied to minimalist-style houses. This flat roof model also requires routine maintenance to clean up debris that has accumulated on the roof. This flat roof model is one of the characteristics of architectural styles of houses in Egypt and Arabia.

Bonet House Roof Model

The model of Bonet’s roof is a combination of the pyramid roof model and the Hip roof model. The concept of this multilevel model of the roof of the house, with the design of the lower part of the roof that protrudes to the outside which is used to cover the holes in the space underneath.

You can find a roof with this model in typical Javanese Joglo houses. In addition to the land of Java, we can also find the use of the Bonet roof model in other areas in the United States, such as Louisiana and Mississippi.

The roof model of the Spiky Cross

The roof model of a pointed crossing house is also common in Indonesia. The shape resembles that of a Hip roof but is slightly different. The position of the roof looks crossed and forms a triangular pattern, giving the impression of its name — pointed.

Although the model of the roof of the house is only triangular in shape when viewed from the side, this model has two sides of the same roof. Commonly applied to homes in Indonesia, the pointed and smaller part of the roof of a house is often used as a marker for the entrance and back door of a house.

Roof Saw Model

The saw blade roof model is usually used in factories or industrial locations. This is because the model of the saw’s roof is steep and can protect workers and factory machinery from direct sunlight. In general, the model of a sawmill roof can still be applied to occupancy, especially for houses that have industrial style.

Besides in Indonesia, in Russia, there are also many houses with roof models like this. High and low also depends on the temperature in the environment. Usually, for industrial styles with high temperatures, this roof model is high enough to reduce the sun’s heat that shines on it.

It turns out that the models of the roof of the house are not always monotonous and boring right, which is your favorite?