2018 was the hottest summer for the UK! What can we expect for 2019? Forget about the sandy beaches this time, and go for something different… Ever experienced a swim in a natural pond? With spectacular backdrops and cooler waters, you can turn your summer into a refreshing and exceptional one with the natural ponds. Here’s a list of the top ones across the world.

Hinatuan Enchanted River

Also called the Hinatuan Sacred River, this location is a deep spring river! The saltwater river is clear, blue water out to sea.

Location: Island of Mindanao, Philippines

Why go: The river’s colour is breathtaking; sapphire and jade! You’ll be surrounded with thick jungle, vines and orchids! There’s also an underground cave system beneath these crystalline waters that have recently been explored. Swimming is no longer allowed in the main pool, but you can swim 10 meters downstream in a much shallower area. Life jackets are required. The amazing thing about this trip is the feeding time! The caretaker plays the “Hymn of Hinatuan” and as the melody begins, the silver-scaled fish emerge from the depths. They gather at the mouth of the river for feeding time.

Ik Kil Cenote

Brace yourself to experience one of the most ethereal lights filtering in from above at Ik Kil Cenote… It illuminates the mini waterfalls, vines and vegetations. It literally hangs like a curtain from overhead.

Location: Yucatán, Mexico

Why go: You will descend 85 feet of winding stone steps for a short jump into the water. Or, if you prefer some adrenaline rush, go for the taller dive off a platform. Looking for a bite or a place to stay close-by? Worry not, the site boasts overnight accommodation and a restaurant. The best month to visit is Spring as the water remains cool throughout the months. You can even spot black catfish swimming about alongside visitors! This spot was once a sacred Mayan sacrificial site, where archaeologists found bones and jewellery. Best times to visit, where it’s not crowded, is around 10 am or around 4.30 pm.

Pamukkale Thermal Pools

Many have fallen in love at first sight with Pamukkale Thermal Pools! Why? It’s a spectacular view of enormous white formations and blue thermal pools with people in them! The city has been a ‘spa town’ even in ancient times!

Location: Denizli, Southwestern Turkey

Why go: The natural site is famous for its hot springs and massive white limestone terraces. This is formed from mineral springs. You’ll find miles and miles of white calcium cliffs with multi-level pools! Amazing, right?  You’ll also find the holy ancient city of Hierapolis. You can drop by to visit the ruins of the Ancient city during your trip to Pamukkale. Your admission ticket gives you entry to both the pool and the ruins. Some of the structures are 2200 years old. Swim in the Cleopatra pools, where it is believed that Cleopatra swam as a part of her daily beauty regime. The large swimming pool is mineral-rich!

Hamilton Pool Preserve

A historic swimming hole, Hamilton Pool Preserve was created when the dome of an underground river collapsed due to massive erosion thousands of years ago. Nature lover or not, this spot is magnificent with 232 acres of natural habitat featuring a jade green pool – a 50-foot waterfall flows!

Location: Austin, Texas

Why go: Popular since the 1960s, Hamilton Pool Preserve is breathtaking for its natural beauty. You’ll be swimming in blue-green water while admiring the greenery scenes that surround the pool! The view of the 50-foot waterfall is awesome! It’s made from Hamilton Creek, which spills out over limestone into the canyon. The best part is that it never completely dries up. You’ll find fishes and turtles swimming around you in the clear water. Make use of life jackets if you want to go in the middle of the pool. It’s free of charge. Make sure you have a reservation before heading to Hamilton Pool!

Kuang Si Falls

This destination looks almost surreal with the large cascade of pale turquoise blue water tumbling from the thick jungle above. Find perfectly sculpted limestones tiered in pools below. Swimming in this pool will be like a swim in the sky on a warm summer’s day!

Location: South of Luang Prabang, Laos

Why go: Take a dip in the tiered pools of turquoise blue water surrounded by magnificent green scenery. Want to swing like Tarzan? Hang onto the rope swings to take a dip in the beautiful water. Or if you prefer jumping in the pools, there’s a tree for that! Check out the stunning and obstructed views of the main waterfall by taking the small wooden bridge. Want a birds eye view of the place? Hike up for around 15 mins to drink in the peaceful trickle of flowing water, small pools for a cool dip and a beautiful forest with twisting tree roots. Hungry? There’s a restaurant nearby, where you can fuel up!

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