The Italian motorbike company, Moto Guzzi, presents an adventure retro motorbike. Previously, Moto Guzzi had already released a sport touring motorbike called Moto Guzzi Stelvio. The motor, named the V85TT, has excellent specifications and is a shame to miss.

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  1. Performance

Let’s first discuss the engine. Like the other Moto Guzzi line ups, the V85TT is equipped with a V-Twin engine. In this adventure motorbike, Moto Guzzi still maintains its trademark that is the position of the engine that exceeds the motor tank. So, the engine position is made protruding to the right and left sides of the gas tank.

As the name implies, the V85TT is equipped with an 853 cc two-cylinder engine that is capable of producing power up to 80 Nm of torque. The engine used by the V85TT is the same as the engine used by the Moto Guzzi on the Roamer Bobber variant.

Motorbike, like Moto Guzzi, is not designed to race but to enjoy the ride with enough power.

  1. Motor Display

Continue to the motor design section. This motorbike is using a round headlamp that success gives the impression of a retro look.

In addition, the placement of accessories such as handguards, high fenders, and front shock covers also confirms that the V85TT is a true adventure motorbike. The alloy wheels combined with dual-purpose tires make the motorbike look even cooler. Plus, the use of upside-down front suspension makes the legs look big. Move a little; you will see a striking tank.

This impression arises from the firm bend in the tank, which makes it harmonious with the engine’s unique position. Accessories such as skid plates at the bottom of the machine can protect the bottom of the machine. It protects the machine when it is rubbing against rocks or the ground.

The tubular model frame is embedded for this one variant. The frame colored red. The combination of yellow, white, and black on the body of the motor looks harmonious with the red frame.

The red frame continues up to the passenger seat. The frame can be used to put the motor box. The placement of the muffler is under the seat. So the motorbike can travel in all fields even though there is a high standing water.

  1. Price

Motto Guzzi variant of the V85TT is the latest adventure motorbike. In Wheels, Moto Guzzi motorcycles for sale is offer for £ 11,099.