When you have a pet, they are just as much a member of your family as any human being. Just like with the people you love, losing a pet means grieving your loss. You might even want to make sure your pet has a proper memorial so everyone can remember the joy that they brought with them into your life.

For many, this can mean cremating their pet before memorialising the ashes. If you decide you want to do this, then keep reading this guide to learn the basics regarding animal cremation services.

Burial Or Cremation?

Many times, when pets die, we have a tendency to bury them out in our yards or maybe at a public pet cemetery. These traditions aren’t always really practical, however. In colder climates, during the winter, you might go months before the ground is thawed out enough for a burial.

On top of that, if you don’t dig deep enough, other animals might attempt digging up your pet’s remains. Your family already has enough trauma as it is. Finally, if you have moved into a new home somewhere else, what happens to the grave of your beloved pet?

If your town has a pet cemetery open to the public, you can do things that way. However, you won’t have a memorial just for your family’s pet. Dog cremation can be a good option if you want this.

Who Does Pet Cremation?

Where you can get pet cremation services is based largely on where it is that you live. Quite a few cities have pet crematoriums contracted out through veterinary clinics.

If you live in a really small town, then a crematorium might have service for both people and pets, although there are more than likely distinct areas for each. Consult your vet about who they personally use.

Do You Have To Drop Your Pet Off At The Crematorium?

If you need your pet to be euthanized and you decide on cremation, then your vet makes arrangements for the transfer to the crematorium.

However, cremation happens for more than just euthanised pets. If you have an animal who dies at home, then you can decide on cremation. Quite a few vets provide mobile services. They’ll have someone visit your home for a pick up to take your pet to the crematorium.

Consult your vet to find out whether they provide this particular service.

The Process Of Cremation

There are usually two kinds of cremations possible for pets. One is private, and the other is communal. In communal cremation circumstances, your pet gets cremated alongside other animals. Given the multitude of animals, it’s just not possible to get back your pet’s individual ashes.

In private cremation, it will only be your pet alone cremated, meaning you can get the ashes back after it’s all done. There are cremation centres that can do partitioned or individual services. In partitioned services, pets are cremated with other animals but partitioning means your pet’s ashes will mostly be together. Just know that the possibility exists of some ash mixture from the other animals also cremated at the time.

If, for instance, your family intends on cremation and interment at a cemetery, then you can also lay your pet to rest at the same place.