Your next trip is coming and you are already excited? Excellent! So you do not have to spend too much time in the often exhausting organization and preparation of your trip, and thus have more leisure for the anticipation, I’ve created here a practical and clear checklist vacation.

In this travel checklist you will find step by step all important points for your preparation: from A for foreign health insurance to Z for room booking. You can use the list for a short city trip over the weekend, but you can also plan a long world trip of several months with her. Many points are often identical, no matter where and how long you plan to travel.


This point is very important. After all, you can never know before a trip if you might get sick abroad. Or in the worst case you’ll have an accident. In many countries (especially in the US, Canada, New Zealand, or Australia) hospital treatment costs are incredibly high. To avoid that you go completely broke and get the necessary care, you absolutely need a good travel health insurance!

For info: Within Europe may also pay your statutory health insurance from Germany. Unfortunately, often only a part of the treatment costs, so not everything. Outside of Europe, this protection is even completely eliminated. That’s why it makes sense that you have a private hedge.

By the way: If you are privately insured, an additional travel health insurance can still be a good idea even if you have a casino bonus code US: you may be able to avoid the expensive excess in case of damage.

Crucial for the contract is the duration of your trip

Travel medical insurance for travel of up to 8 weeks

For shorter trips of up to eight weeks, there are cheap insurance for around 15 euros per year. These are almost always annual contracts, which are tacitly extended from year to year. You can travel as much as you like within a contract, provided that each trip does not take longer than 8 weeks.

But if you spontaneously decide to stay away a little longer than 8 weeks, you can extend the insurance coverage relatively easily and pay a slightly higher flat rate for each additional day. What else you have to consider: The start and end point of each trip must necessarily be in Germany. Because I travel a lot every year, I have such an annual contract for me. Still, that’s not something for everyone, especially if you’re not traveling that often. In this case, you can also secure each trip individually.

Travel health insurance for long-term travel

If you are planning a long journey lasting several months, you have to fight in advance through the dense jungle of long-term travel health insurance. Such insurance usually covers a travel period of up to 365 days.

Travel insurance

A good travel cancellation insurance can save you considerable costs in some cases: For example, what happens if you or one of your loved ones suddenly gets sick at home? Or if there is a death in your family and you have to cancel your trip completely? The closer you are to your planned departure date in these cases, the higher the fees you pay for canceling the trip. These are then taken over by a cancellation insurance usually completely.

Trip interruption insurance

Are you already abroad, but for a very important reason you have to fly back earlier and cancel your trip? In this case, trip cancellation insurance will cover the additional costs (such as booking an earlier return).

Incidentally, important reasons for canceling or canceling a trip for both forms of insurance (cancellation of the trip and interruption of the trip) are not only illness or death, but also, for example, an untimely court hearing or an unforeseen termination.