With over 300 sunny days each year, Javea has become known as one of the best places to live in Spain. The very few building regulations in the area mean that it is also only of the only coastal towns in the country which allow for the construction of high-rise coastal buildings. The uniqueness of the setting coupled with its growing popularity makes is perfect for property investment. To find out more about creating a life in Javea phone or email for more information today.

Areas in Javea

The region of Javea is comprised of three areas which are unique in their own right. Here we will take a look at these areas and will hopefully help you decide on which is best for you and your family.


Arenal is a sheltered bay with a beautiful blue flag beach. There are four main play areas and parks. Also included in the area are sports arenas and a center dedicated to water sports. Those living in the area enjoy spending their time walking along the picturesque waters or enjoying a little time out in one of the many beachside cafes. Although this area is very much a tourist attraction it is also great for letting the children run around and have fun.

Many of the apartment blocks have stunning seas views and give you a very unique holiday town vibe. The communal gardens and swimming pools in the buildings make for great areas to relax and unwind. Situated further from the beach are the housing villas which offer private pools and unsurpassed views of the Montgo.

Old Town

Old Town has been widely regarded as one of the best places to live and visit in Spain. Filled with cobbled streets and quaint little shops you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere homier. The town also features a 15th-century church and old townhouses. On Thursdays, you’ll be able to browse through market stalls or have breakfast in one of the stunning cafes. Old Town is situated at the foot of the Montgo.


The port is known as the perfect mixture between Arenal and Old Town. The area is much quieter and perfect for those looking to retire in this stunning region. The marina houses offer a charming lifestyle for fishing and sailing. There is also a much smaller selection of restaurants and cafes. Port is the perfect Spanish feel section of Javea. Here you’ll also find a quaint pebble beach perfect for relaxing next to on those hot summer days.

In short, if you want to live close to the sea, you need to buy a home in Arenal; most of the apartments in the area are 15 minutes’ walk from the beach. For a more Spanish Town vibe you will need to find a property in Old Town and for something a little quieter, take a look at properties around Port.  You are sure to find your perfect holiday or forever home in Javea.