You spend around 50 years of your life establishing a career for yourself and earning money to pass on to another generation. It’s always commonly said that you should work in something that you enjoy and that includes the opportunity to do something abroad. If you feel as though you’re in a day to day job that requires a new challenge, why not think about it taking it up abroad? There’s plenty of countries to choose from that could be just what you’re looking for.


Many seem to forget that although the USA is a large country, Canada provides just as much opportunity within half the size of land. It’s a really common destination for expats that are looking to continue their career abroad. High demand sectors available include banking, teaching and media, especially in the well-known city of Toronto. Alternatively, if the office life isn’t for you then there’s an opportunity to work in the recreational jobs such as teaching skiing and snowboarding.


If you’re looking for the ultimate work hard, play hard lifestyle then France might just be the place for you. Although it’s known more so for being the romantic capital of the world, when it comes to work it’s just as pleasurable. Did you know that France was one of the first countries to ban emails after 6 pm? If you’re fluent in French then it can be great for an opportunity as cities like Lyon, Marseille and Paris have great multinational jobs available.

Costa Rica

Probably not a country you were expecting to find on the list but it can be a great place to live and work. As it’s tourist attraction continues to grow your spoilt for choice within the tourism sector and of course, it also means a high demand for English speaking teachers. The capital of Costa Rica, San Jose is a great place to start your job search. And when you’re not working you can also indulge in the wildlife and beaches spread across the land.


England really a land of opportunity for developing a career. Many find that from experiencing the work life for a year or two really find their feet and apply for British Citizenship not so long after. There’s plenty of jobs available ranging from Media to Business and many large cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool are prime for such jobs. It’s rich in culture and you won’t be surprised to find such a diverse population. Soon enough you may find yourself booking an appointment with Immigration Solicitors London based for your work visa.

Don’t feel like you’re ever stuck in a dead end job. If you feel the need for a change in scenery research into other countries that may cater to your sector and you’ll find something soon enough.