We all know that sunburns can be inconvenient. They’re painful, jerky, tender and not nice and it seems to be able to relax and cure them for years.  There is an even greater risk of skin cancer from UV radiation and serious sunburn in people.

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Below are 8 DIY ideas and choice on how to protect your skin from sunburn:

1.       Mask with aloe vera :

In treating mild or medium sunburns, Aloe Vera is frequently known as the “burn plant.” The gel is soothing, healing and anti-inflammatory and also fills the sunburned skin, filled with moisture.Aloe vera can be used alone or even better – blend with a bit of sweetness. Raw organic honey is a natural antiseptic and can contribute towards the process of regeneration.

2.       Natural treatment with yogurt:

Yogurt is probably one of the best sunburn remedies, you’ve already learned. The lactic acid may contribute to the revolution of the skin cells. In addition, yogurt is filled with probiotics that strengthen the protective natural barrier of your skin.

3.       Soothing cool baths with apple cider vinegar and oatmeal powder:

The acidic pH of Apple Cider vinegar is therefore also used for toning of natural skin. The pectin is high and can relax the skin, calm the redness and inflammation and even strengthen the barrier of the skin. But, since it’s very acidic, it’s not a good idea to add pure apple vinegar to the sunburn. If the apple cider vinegar isn’t diluted correctly, it will irritate your skin even more and make it worse.

4.       Use black tea:

Black tea is a natural remedy for sunburn which can quickly and easily provide relief. It’s full of antioxidants. Black tea contains tannins which give the tea astronomy and which are naturally known to be anti-inflammatory.

5.       Restoring witch hazel treatment:

Like Black Tea, Hazel contains tannins, so it is also used to treat minor cuts, injuries, acne and bleeding as a toner. It is also ideal to soothe sunburns with its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

You can only use witch hazel, or blend it with turmeric, for a few other antiseptic and relaxing properties.

6.       Refreshing cucumber and mint mask:

Cucumber is by far one of the natural products that you can find most relaxing and repairing. It is ideal for sunburning, with its mixture of moisture, vitamins and antioxidants. Cooling and soothing mint leaves and antioxidants in sour cream will help to heal the skin more quickly.

7.       Potato mask remedy.

Very few know that a modest potato is a great natural relief of pain. Raw potato includes starchy compounds which can remove heat from your skin and alleviate the feeling of stinging. It is possible to actually wear thin rubber potato or gauze soaked in fresh potato juice. But try to apply some tea tree oil or lavender oil to achieve even better results.

8.       Use sunburn protection:

Make sure that the next time you go outside, you apply sun protection to prevent sunburn again. You should still use a sunscreen for spectrum boards, sit in the shade to avoid direct sunlight.

Bottom line

When you have been in the sun for a while and now struggle with scratching, red and dry skin, don’t wait until it gets out. There are several all-natural sunburn home remedies that can alleviate the pain and encourage regeneration of the skin.