After all the wedding planning and come the big day when you exchange your vows, the next big thing to look forward to besides a lifetime spent with your partner, is going on your honeymoon. Picking the perfect destination can seem daunting given the many options available as well as different factors that include the weather in that location, how you intend to travel, the duration of your stay, and other things all culminating with your budget.

1. When Do You Want to Go?

Before making any reservation for your honeymoon, you need to figure out when you want to go. Traditionally, people will go for their honeymoon straight after the wedding. However, there are those who opt to wait a bit – after the wedding is out of their way – which can be after a week or a month or two. Sometimes waiting to the end of summer means you could hit the designer swimwear sale and bag yourself a fantastic bikini for your honeymoon.  Waiting presents an opportunity to save up for the honeymoon, and thus you will not have too much stress running up to the bid day. So are you finalise on the wedding and the day draws ever so near, think about all possible destinations, its sights and sounds, and how the weather will be when you get there.

2. How Far Is the Destination?

If you live in the UK or even Ireland, New Zealand of a tropical place may seem like the ideal honeymoon destination. The scenery is breathtaking, the cultural diversity alluring, the melting pot of memorable moments. However, if you consider the flight time – over 20 hours – and the jet lag, then how much of a planned short stay will you enjoy? It is wise to take a back seat and consider how far away that dreams destination is and if you are ready to endure what it takes to get there.

3. Consider Multiple Destinations

If you are torn between a relaxing time at the beach, and an action-packed touring with cuisine and sightseeing adventures, then you should consider picking a few destinations that you can bundle into one incredible honeymoon experience. Make plans for such travels means that you get to enjoy the best of both worlds, but it also means you have to dig a bit deeper into your pocket.

4. What Is Your Budget?

Other than the destination, the other essential thing to consider is your budget. Your finances are most likely the most influential factor governing your choices. So you need to know much you are willing to spend on the honeymoon even before you start your research. Again, it is wise to do this after you have covered much of the finances for the wedding so that what remains can be allocated to the honeymoon. Knowing your budget helps save a lot of time and hustle researching travel options, hotels, and entertainment options at different destinations.

5. What Aspects of the Honeymoon Are Vital to You?

The honeymoon could be a week at the beach, a break from the city, a road trip where you get to enjoy different cultures of various places. Whatever your plans, you need to discuss how much touring you will do during the honeymoon. If you are into experiencing the adventures of exploring new places and enjoying various sights and sounds, it is wise to start with a few days of relaxing at the beach.

6. Consider the School Holidays

Even as you take into account the weather of your choice destination; it also needs to consider other things such as the school holidays. Families are often out during this period, and thus things can be a bit more expensive. Therefore, consider going during the school term to avoid the bustle of children everywhere if you are planning to have a romantic adult-only, childfree honeymoon.

7. Will You Need Any Jabs?

If your destination is in another country, then you need to figure out what jabs you need before entering that country. That means booking an appointment at your health physician, which should be done well in advance and have it in mind even on the last days leading up to the wedding. Besides the jab, you may also have to think about the medications you may have to take, such as antimalarial tablets so that you know what you must take post-travel.