We all know the stress that comes with holidays. The never ending to-do-lists, constantly receiving visitors, frequent visits to the market and so on, at the end of the day, you are tired and all you want to do is just lay on your bed and sleep off.

During this period, staying fit becomes a very challenging task for most people, and they begin to see it as less of a priority. If you fall under this category, then head over to UK.collected.reviews. There, you would get different holiday diet options that can help keep you healthy.

You don’t necessarily need to lift heavy weights, or do anything strenuous in order to keep fit, there are some simple things you could do to maintain your fitness, and still enjoy every bit of your holiday.

Here are 6 ways you can stay fit and healthy during the holiday that wouldn’t be more stressful:

Work out with a friend/ plan a routine

Doing this alone could sometimes be boring. But involving a friend in your fitness journey gives room for motivation and commitments. You can plan a routine, probably a 20 minutes routine, and push yourselves into completing it.

Set goals, track your progress

Make sure to keep track of your fitness program. The advancement of technology has made a way for this to be possible. This way you get to know how many miles you run, and how many calories you burn daily. This way, you are held accountable for the progress of your fitness.


This might look untrue, but if you really want to stay fit and you are unable to go to the gym, then it is advisable to walk a distance everyday. Instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs, take a walk with your family regularly. This way, you are able to add physical activities to your holiday.

Always stay hydrated and eat moderately

It is good to eat, but it is best to eat healthy. This doesn’t mean that you should avoid food completely, as food is also an important factor, but you are expected to control your portion. And also, do not forget to drink enough water, to stay hydrated.

Exercise early

Holiday period is always very busy with parties and events, so if you are to work out in order to keep fit, then it has to be done in the morning, so you do not get distracted by the day’s activity. Also, try as much as possible to always get enough rest and sleep early, so you do not wake up tired.

Reduce your intake of alcohol

Yes we know it’s the holiday season, and everyone is expected to have fun. But rather than getting drunk, it is possible to have a glass of champagne, which has less calories than the regular beer. When you get bored, try to dance. Dancing burns extra calories. Imagine having fun yet staying fit.

Holiday season is literally everyone’s favourite time of the year. But as much as it comes with a lot of fun, if you don’t try to keep fit and stay healthy, then it would take a negative turn on your health.