When it comes to taking that well-deserved break from work, you may find yourself wondering where to go in your free time. There are many options to choose from as you decide how to take your vacation days to recharge. Think about which ways will allow you to come back to work feeling refreshed and happy again.

Secluded Island Time

Especially if you are constantly in the hustle and bustle of the city, you may crave the serenity of the ocean. Bald Head Island rentals could allow you and your family space to soak in the salty breeze and watch the stars that are always shrouded by the downtown lights. The quiet space may be relaxing to your frayed nerves.

Social Family Time

Many people move far from their families during college and when entering the workforce. Cashing in your PTO to go visit home may be a refreshing way to say hello to distant relatives and gush over how much your nieces and nephews have grown. Maintaining relationships like this might be a refreshing way to spend your vacation.

The Stay-cation

You can also choose to take time just to stay home for a week. You may choose to get projects done around the house, such as a deep spring cleaning or remodeling the bathroom. You may also simply enjoy sleeping in and staying up late watching movies and eating popcorn. Your backyard may be your best friend in either case!

Vacation days should allow you to return to the workforce feeling energized and ready to take on the tasks at hand again. It is important to find ways to refresh yourself based on your own personality type and your need for the familiar or the strange. Wherever you go, find ways to build peace into your vacation time.